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Vision Zero is the City of San Diego’s commitment to ending all traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2025. Circulate San Diego collaborated with Civic Vision to transform up-to-date traffic collision information from the City of San Diego’s Open Data Portal into easy-to-understand maps and graphics. This data supplements the City’s Vision Zero website, which contains resources and an interactive map using different data sources.

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lives were lost in 2018

The last collision where a life was lost occurred on June 14th at 2am.
The collision happened at A according to the latest data from the San Diego PD which can be found here.

Heatmap of traffic fatalities from 2016-present

When are San Diego streets unsafe?

Advocacy groups and individuals have called on the City of San Diego to forward with their Vision Zero strategy. Unfortunately, we has a long way to go. This page highlights the current status of traffic fatalities in the City of San Diego by using the most up to date datset from the Open Data Portal of the city of San Diego.

The most dangerous time is between 3pm and 7pm.

At 4pm 54% of collisions results in at least one person injured. Although the most collisions occur on 12 am only 11% result in injuries.

The most collisions happen between 2pm and 6pm

After analyzing 26,330 collisions from Jan 1st 2015 until today the unsafest time is between 2pm and 6pm. The most collisions occur at 12am.

The most injuries occur between 3pm and 6pm

The most fatalities occur between 6pm and 8pm

This dataset is to be used with caution. Certain data discrepancies were reported to the City. The data team is still investigating and have not fixed it.

Most collisions occur on a Friday

With 4091 collisions between 2015 and today, Friday is the day with the most collisions.

Most injuries occur on a Monday

With 2623 people injured between 2015 and today, Monday is the day with the most injuries.

Here is a calendar view of all traffic fatalities in 2018.

Data Update Frequency

Every day the data from the City of San Diego's Open Data Portal is updated with new data released by the San Diego Police Department. Every day at 2am the information on this site will be updated as well.

Data Background

Currently the available Open Data is limited. Only certain information is provided. This dashboard is limited to displaying only the data provided by the City of San Diego’s Open Data Portal. As soon as more data will be made available by the city, this dashboard will be updated.

The Open Data Team from the Performance & Analytics Department of the City of San Diego is working on improving all data that they put out. We are very glad for the work they do.

Data Source

The data is from the Open Data Portal of the City of San Diego and can be found here.

The data is licensed under Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and Licence (PDDL)

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