Want to stop spending hours getting your data into shape?

A repeatable Data Pipeline is the answer.

A free, 5-Day Email Course for NGOs on how to stop wasting valuable time before you can analyze and visualize your data.

Do you spend your time trying to get your data into a format that you can use for analyzing and visualizing your data? Is it frustrating that you have to do it every time all over again? Creating a repeatable and consistent way of Collecting, Cleaning, Transforming and Updating your data will help you increase the time you can spend getting insights from your data.

Since most people spend up to 30% of their time Getting, Cleaning and Transforming the data, imagine how much you can save by creating a repeatable process. Once you created a Data Pipeline, you could even delegate the tasks and save even more.

In This 5-Day Email Course, You'll Learn:

  • Lesson 1: Why most NGOs are burning through their data analysis budgets.

    Most common mistakes.

  • Lesson 2: The biggest time savers when creating a Data Pipeline.

    Where to focus to save you time.

  • Lesson 3: How to create your first Data Pipeline.

    The good and the bad.

  • Lesson 4: How not to get stuck.

    Tips & Tricks.

  • Lesson 5: You want even more savings?

    Automation is the answer.

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