I help civic advocacy groups and governments improve the life of citizens with the help of Open Data.

Civic Vision is an Open Data Consultancy who helps civic advocacy groups and governments use the power of Open Data and Open Source to build Visualizations, Data Stories and Tools to increase transparency and accountability.

I help civic advocacy groups and governments use Open Data to improve the life of citizens.
I use the power of public open data and open source to build tools and visualization for civic advocacy groups and governments to increase transparency and accountability.
My work is built upon three major blocks: Open Data, Open Source and Community.

Organisations and Governments I have helped


Mila and I worked together on the CIP Civic Engagement App for the Council Infrastructure Committee with CM Mark Kersey. He proved himself to be an excellent and detail oriented developer with a strong grasp on both the fundamentals of iterative test driven development and automated deployment as well user centric design. He brings a broad range of skills in other areas to the table that would benefit any project or initiative. It was my pleasure to work with him and look forward to collaborating on other projects in the future.

Jeffrey Johnson

Code for America Brigade Captain San Diego
  • Data Pipeline

    Do you spend your time trying to get your data into a format that you can use for analyzing and visualizing your data? Is it frustrating that you have to do it every time all over again?

  • Data Visualization

    Do you want to show your data to a broader audience? Do you want to find insights in your data?

  • Data Storytelling

    Dou you want to effectively communicate your story?

About Mila Frerichs

  • I help civic non-profits increase transparency, accountability and engagement through engaging data visualizations and telling stories with data.

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