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Some braggadocious evening #debates

He says it "not in a braggadocious way" https://t.co/88ZMW8Lu6q— Neil Irwin (@Neil_Irwin) September 27, 2016 Clinton: 1 Trump: -1 Debate 1 recaps [Vox] [Guardian] [CNN] [BBC] [NPR] [Economist] [NYT] [PBS] [Time] [Reuters] [WaPo] [Atlantic] [Bloomberg] [Politico] [BI] [Quartz] [ABC] [Fusion] [IBT] [Al Jazeera] [Slate] [Wired] [Daily Beast] [Vice] [Salon] [NBC] [Ars Technica] [Buzzfeed] [Forbes] [Vocativ] [Fortune] [Marketplace] [USAT] [AP] Markets identify Clinton as the winner US Mexico Europe Asia Prediction markets

What about a Presidential glass ceiling?

Maybe CEO salary should be capped to whatever the Presidential salary is -- sort of like a "no one can stand taller than the King" sort of thing. Historical Table of Presidential Salaries President of the United States* Effective Date Payable Salary 1789 $25,000 1873 $50,000 1909 $75,000 1949 $100,000 1969 $200,000 1999 $400,000 https://pressgallery.house.gov/member-data/salaries