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Why is the cast of Hamilton addressing a white nationalist VP-elect an important story?

Much hay was made this weekend over the fact that the staid global news outlet The New York Times had the audacity to put the story about Mike Pence's well-timed stunt at Hamilton above the fold, while it relegated the story of Donald Trump's hasty settlement of $25 million over the Trump University lawsuits (an amount which lawyer Lisa Bloom called "power evidence of guilt") to past the jump, in the print edition. First of all, who is kidding themselves that people are still reading only the New York Times print edition above the fold?! If someone buys the New York Times they gon' turn that shit over, maybe head on brazenly over to A2. And if they're reading the story online, they didn't come to it from the New York Times front page. ...

Diversity unhinges our hidden assumptions of harmony

Diversity unhinges us because it unmasks our hidden assumption that if we all look the same, we will think the same and thereby avoid conflict. Deep down, we still secretly hope that we can avoid having to deal with our differences by magically generating conformity. Our unspoken wish is that, by being identical, we achieve the harmony and collective togetherness we so deeply crave -- the collective harmony we mistake for God.

police brutality

Why do we still feign shock at police brutality and abuse of power? Because we hope that ingratiating ourselves to power will reward us, and fear that exposing its moral bankruptcy may harm us. ### See also: * Rodney King * Michael Brown * loose cigarette seller Eric Garner * 14-yo killed in NY * every peaceful protest ever * Nixon * subprime mortgage crisis * Savings and Loan crisis * bank bailouts in array[list years] * inflation * financial advisor scams * Bernie Madoff * Uber #powerbehavingbadly