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British filmmaker Adam Curtis explains what’s going on

The creator of the also excellent Century of the Self film series released his latest film in October, 2016. Dubbed HyperNormalisation, it offers both a history lesson of the complicated relationship between the West, the Middle East, and Russia, as well as an unflinching look at the roles played by technology, surveillance, and the media on our modern condition of general confusion, destabilization, and surrealism.

State stat comparisons

Some interesting visualizations of state by state trends (you can hover over the individual states to get exact counts as a pop-up), via indexmundi: Average commute time by state Looks like NY and DC have the worst of it, with CA, MA, & IL not far behind. New Yorkers are homebodies The map represents people who are living in the same house they were in 12 months ago. Poverty rate by state It would be great if poor Southerners would stop voting against their own economic interest by siding with the GOP, who reels them in with racism while allowing bankers and elites to fleece their constituencies to the bone. Apparently people would rather be hateful but poor than tolerant and better off. Women-owned firms (2007) Black...

Crime stats: Leaving the banks unguarded?!

Below are some bank robbery stats from 2011 that seem super weird to me -- why would there be so few guards in banks versus other security measures? I'm sure there's selection bias in that thieves would tend to plan more robberies in institutions under less guard, but still... is this ratio somewhat typical? Wouldn't it make more sense to increase the numbers of security personnel at banks more broadly instead of solutions that don't seem to deter theft (and apparently aren't terribly effective at apprehending the suspects, either -- see the dollar totals in charts 3 and 4 below for a look at how little the police are able to recoup; security cameras are easily thwarted by disguise). Security Devices Maintained by Victim Institutio...